Saturday, February 7, 2009

Election 08- JOGUSBOY STYLE!!!

Yup, Jogus felt an urge to write about the election, so here gos. =-)


McCain only wants to be president so he can live longer.

And to whoever out there who started that out there, the risk of death when you are presidents SKYROCKETS!


SNL: some funny tina fey lines... :)

" When we get into the White House we're gonna get all mavericky in there. We'll think what would a Maverick do in this situation. And you know, we'll do the right thing!)

(after "Katie Couric" asks her a question) " I'd like to use one of my lifelines. Phone-a-friend, maybe."

Now a joke Bampa Brent told me.

Chelsea Clinton asks a Republican political junkie what the biggest problems are in the US of A.

He answeres, " Obama, Osama, and Yo Mama. Haha, that rhymes!!!)

SO,WHO WOULD I HAVE VOTED FOR ANYWAY?? well... gotta say Obama. People are supportive of him, he's going to get things done, he has some good plans in his head about reversing the economy, wants to increase teacher salary, has charisma, supports charter schools, great public speaker...


what more can I say. I also think McCain is great, especially his view on the war, but Obama is the best thing for our country right now. They definitely have their pros and cons.

(ps: tina fey is funny :)


  1. Hey Jogus - sorry, I just saw your blog post... this is a bit late of a response. I do have to say that I agree, SNL was hilarious in how they portrayed the elections - it was very funny to watch.
    But I also have to say that I disagree in your choice. I'm not saying the McCain was the best one in the world to be president, but there are some things that have already started to happen with Obama in office that really , REALLY scare me as a citizen. What scares me even more, is that with his popularity and his great public speaking skills, he is pulling so much over people that they aren't realizing is actually going to put our country in worse shape in the next few years as things play out with the economy, health care, etc. I do think this country was ready for a change - I don't disagree with that at all. I do think that Bush was not the brightest crayon in the box, either. But right now, with looking into what all of these massive changes Obama is trying to bulldoze over with his eloquent popularity will bring us in the future, I am... well.... scared.

  2. ps: you are not late, i officially posted it as a draft yesertday, though the last time i saved it is a few weeks ago.
    i think you make good points against obama,
    though i think that he has some good views on economy and health care.
    though, i will admit that bush did a pretty good job, though i didn't think that all of the decisions he made were that smart either.
    it is nice that obama is a good public speaker, since that was, in my opinion, one of the reasons he was hated so much in this country. :(
    like i said, i am so glad he supports charter schools, since the government, has, well, not been overly friendly about funding charter schools.
    obama supports them, as well as paying teachers by how well they teach, not for how long they've been teaching. So, I still think that Obama is going to be a great thing for our country.