Saturday, April 4, 2009


This was a very great talk, and inspired me greatly. I feel like it was just what the world needed. If more people spoke out against debt, worldly addictions, and pornography, we could overcome such big issues in our country. Yay Elder Hales!!!

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Savor this great time to be with our families and listen to the voice of the Lord!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Election 08- JOGUSBOY STYLE!!!

Yup, Jogus felt an urge to write about the election, so here gos. =-)


McCain only wants to be president so he can live longer.

And to whoever out there who started that out there, the risk of death when you are presidents SKYROCKETS!


SNL: some funny tina fey lines... :)

" When we get into the White House we're gonna get all mavericky in there. We'll think what would a Maverick do in this situation. And you know, we'll do the right thing!)

(after "Katie Couric" asks her a question) " I'd like to use one of my lifelines. Phone-a-friend, maybe."

Now a joke Bampa Brent told me.

Chelsea Clinton asks a Republican political junkie what the biggest problems are in the US of A.

He answeres, " Obama, Osama, and Yo Mama. Haha, that rhymes!!!)

SO,WHO WOULD I HAVE VOTED FOR ANYWAY?? well... gotta say Obama. People are supportive of him, he's going to get things done, he has some good plans in his head about reversing the economy, wants to increase teacher salary, has charisma, supports charter schools, great public speaker...


what more can I say. I also think McCain is great, especially his view on the war, but Obama is the best thing for our country right now. They definitely have their pros and cons.

(ps: tina fey is funny :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Health Care Crisis... you ain't seen nothin yet!!

Okay, this is a Big one for me.  BIG.   HUGE.

Part of it comes from a debate I heard between President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Frankly what Obama said sent chills down my spine, and is one of my biggest scares of having him in office.

Part of what he said was that it wasn't enough to just have affordable health care, we had to make it FREE for everyone.  Even if we reduced it down to a very minimal payment, people still would not use it, so we had to make it FREE.

... okay... where do I even START with this??!!!

Point #1... people want free health care?  You bet.... I would like a free house (in the name of we should all be entitled to shelter).... the seller didn't go for that one when I proposed the offer to him (hypothetically).  I would also like free water, because c'mon, it is after all the sustaining composition of life!  But I do, in fact pay for my house, and I do in fact pay for my water.  Why is health care different?

Point #2... I worked in a free health clinic in downtown Detroit for a few years just out of collage.  I have to say, the things I saw there literally made my head spin.  The sense of entitlement made my stomach churn.  I sat across from people who would wine and complain about having to wait a couple of hours before they were finally seen (for FREE!!) and treated (for FREE!!) by very hard working doctors (who DIDN'T get their education for FREE!!).  Then they would complain to me (with their full set of salon-fake nails, and beautifully cioffed hair) about how they needed more WIC vouchers now because they didn't want to have to pay money to feed their babies.
Or they would come up to us at church to see if we could give them money because they didn't want to have to give up their expanded cable (the 8 1/2 inch tv we had didn't even have any cable on it...).
... and these people just HAVE to have free medical care, because they won't pay for a reduced cost of medical care.  
... Am I the only one who sees the complete stupidity in this logic??  

Point #3 - and the most poignant to me...

I have LIVED the medical training route... well okay, so I have only lived with someone who has lived the medical training route... but that is close enough!!  Believe me, folks, it is NOT a pretty way to spend a DECADE of your life. (In fact, you couldn't PAY me ENOUGH to go back and relive it now that I know what is entailed).  

These doctors have dedicated literally YEARS and YEARS, and TONS OF MONEY to learn the field of medicine (contrary to popular belief medical education is NOT FREE!!).   Now that we are finally on the home stretch, and are maybe seeing a little glimmer of light... as well as all of the interest-compounding loans... waiting at the end of this horribly long tunnel, you are now essentially telling me that my husband should be giving this service away for FREE... because if it is low cost, then people WOULDN'T PAY for it!!!!  (The same people that pay through the nose to have all of the extended cable in the world... without whining to the government that their cable costs should be covered by the tax payers).  

Call me crazy, but something about that picture is just WRONG!!!

... Okay... stepping down from the soap box now... you may all return to your regularly scheduled lives... ;)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Little Soap Box...

Okay, so if you have found this blog, you have officially entered into my "what I wanted to say but couldn't get the guts to say it" alter-ego blog.   I am constantly having conversations in my mind, re-playing conversations I should have had, or making a point to a radio news show I have listened to.  I am also an avid (closet) writer, so I constantly have stories/semi-deep thoughts/object lessons running through my mind...

and I am finally making an effort to be able to get them down on [cyber] paper.  

So if you come here, be warned... you never know what you are going to find.  It's just rambling thoughts - raw - unedited - non-politically correct - crazy thoughts.  You may be offended by some.  You may be cheering for others.  If you want to become a contributing author to my semi-deep thought blog, then simply email me and we can get you hooked up to also post your own ramblings...

Happy reading!!